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Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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13-May-2019, 1:16 PM
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Mocata said:

RogueLeader said:

Legit question, what do you need to know to be able to do a mindtrick?

Since it was never taught to anyone, nothing. Beyond the knowledge that such a trick exists.

DrDre said:

Which is fine, I do to at a surface level of popcorn entertainment, but when I dig a little deeper, I get more out of the PT.

Really? I’d say they’re equally hollow except without being entertaining.

I disagree. I think the PT greatly expanded the universe and the lore, and while there are obvious issues in the execution, conceptually the PT is pretty strong, and imaginative. Lucas’ concepts combined with better dialogue and a good director would have resulted in some very good films, I believe, whereas I believe the ST thusfar is much more flawed on a conceptual level, whilst being pretty unimaginative, driven largely by nostalgia, but is able to translate what little there is better to the screen.