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SC.38 - Forceghostrecon's Cut
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13-May-2019, 1:47 AM

Tyrphanax said:

I just watched the original and it really annoys me… I appreciate the work they did, and some of it is cool (their Vader fights a good deal like Vader… Until he’s punching Obi-Wan? What?), but imagining it in the context of the film just turns it into another Jedi Rocks.

It stops the film dead for a glowstick rave that serves nothing; just spectacle with no substance (but I guess that fits in perfectly with every duel since Jedi). The original fight might be clunky and awkward, but at least it serves the story and its characters, ties up the Anakin/Obi-Wan story without overshadowing the new characters, and moves the plot along. This makes it seem like Obi-Wan was fighting to do more than buy the Trio time and keep Vader’s attention away from Luke (Obi-Wan’s whole purpose there was sacrificial once he got that tractor beam out of comission, even Vader knows this, even though he didn’t know why, or that Ben wouldn’t actually die). Ben doesn’t even seem to sacrifice in the scene, he just looks like he was distracted by Luke or something, keeping his saber at the ready to continue the fight, instead of the much more impactful switching off of the saber and letting Vader cut him down.

It also uses that ham handed emotionally-pandering thing I hate so much in media, this time with the audio samples in an attempt to inject it with some artificial gravity by telling you how you should feel about the moment.

Plus the camera work doesn’t blend into the original film at all.

More of a rant than I intended, but it drives me crazy when people don’t understand that less is more when it comes to Star Wars (as we can tell by the glowing comments… Ugh); I’m all for making the duel more exciting or natural, but the original edit just misses the whole point of the original scene. Good luck with your edit though, it looks good!