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Buzz Lightyear
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Vader in the Solo "hologram scene"
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13-May-2019, 12:50 AM

Lesser said:

Buzz Lightyear said:

It’s not about confusion, it’s about cohesiveness. I agree with ForceGhostRecon, Maul sticks out like a sore thumb because he prevents the movies from being cohesive in their own right. It’s like if Tarkin suddenly appeared alive again in RotJ with no explanation, and then I told you “Oh, don’t worry, there’s a comic book where he gets pulled off the Death Star at the last second by someone using the World Between Worlds”. Doesn’t matter if it’s explained somewhere else, it still breaks the cohesion of the movies.

I’d still argue the cohesiveness with overall canon is more important. It’s what makes Star Wars special, and what makes the MCU frustrating when the movies ignore all the shows they claim to be canon. My mother, who is only a casual SW fan at best, had no clue about Maul being alive in a cartoon but was excited to see him at the end of Solo. I understand it’s not for everybody. Still looking forward to this Vader bit.

I personally prefer the MCU approach of ignoring direct ties to the shows and other supplementary material. If I do a marathon of the MCU with my friends and family, I know it can stand on its own.

Also I don’t see how it’s “what makes Star Wars special”, when the Star Wars movies had no regard for supplementary material before the Disney buyout. Was Star Wars not special back then?