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Star Wars Episode III: Labyrinth Of Evil (Finished!)
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11-May-2019, 4:56 AM
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11-May-2019, 4:58 AM
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Fanediting is the path to the dark side. Fanediting leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

That’s exactly why I told you I won’t be making any suggestions, since I assumed the small tweaks you wanted to make were gonna be highly painful 😄

(besides, I would only do the same suggestions I made for v5, i.e. to retain more Padmé-Anakin scenes 😉)

By the way, it could be a good opportunity to fix something I haven’t told you about which I found out when making my alternate tracks: the march on the Jedi temple has a video misalignement where you can see a thin white line on top of the image. It’s very small, but I noticed this at some point when watching the sequence over and over again.