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2-May-2019, 5:36 PM
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SilverWook said:

Mocata said:

SilverWook said:

Avengers Endgame. A worthy epic finale to a decade of great superhero movies. Five out of five Rocket Raccoons.

Can anybody can tell me what small bit I missed at the end because my bladder was imploding?

If you saw the uh… “bench scene” then you saw everything.

No, what I missed was most of the…

Thor talking with one of his Asgardian pals on a beach? I got back just as Cap wasn’t coming back from his time jaunt.

The movie could really have used an intermission. I didn’t even buy a soda!

Oh right,

Thor passed the leader mantle to Valkyrie and decided to just be himself. Then he took off with Quill for new adventures. He may or may not still be an overweight alcoholic.