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ALIEN (Preservation of various properties i.e. the Fan Bonus Discs.)
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29-Apr-2019, 3:36 PM
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30-Apr-2019, 1:40 PM
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The OG audio and more doesn’t need to be preserved anymore, MAYBE, due to the release of the ALIEN: 40th Anniversary 4K UHD. It’s amazingly on a BD100 (Triple Layered Disc!), is incredibly stellar with great amounts of detail, film grain is preserved, and multiple audio tracks.

Anyway, anything which is not included on the ALIEN: Anthology 6-Disc Blu-ray set, PROMETHEUS, and ALIEN: COVENANT physical releases or is still in print. The previous bonus feature fan discs which were at best on DVD5s could be re-encoded to be housed on BD25s via AVC codec. Content still available solely as Streaming could possibly be featured on a disc if possible. OOP counts too for preservation.

(ALIEN, ALIENS, ALIEN³, ALIEN: Resurrection, PROMETHEUS, ALIEN: Covenant. AVP Duology doesn’t count but the video game Trilogy does but that’s an entirely different matter. ALIENS: Colonial Marines & ALIEN: Isolation. Former is a buggy mess though.)

No idea if these shorts count since they’re only online for streaming, not disc or digital.

Just throwing out random suggestions.