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Charles Threepio
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Star Wars: Ultimate Edition
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24-Apr-2019, 6:34 PM

UPDATE: I might consider inserting Princess Leia’s line “And you call yourselves humans…!” into the rough cut, and I’ll definitely be “restoring” the original dialogue of the Greedo scene. Most of Greedo’s screentime will come from the Blu-ray, so as to not show any intrusive burnt-in subtitles from the 4K print I’ll be using for this. The 4K print will cut back in between the line “Get up, I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time!” and the line “Yes, I’ll bet you have”. Additionally, music will be added to the deleted scenes as has already been inserted by other individuals. (BTW I hear someone’s trying to restore the Tosche station scene; whoever it is, if he’s here, I’d like to have it in its present state, so I can insert it instead of the worn-out version into the rough cut if at all possible.)

Assembly of the rough cut will take place in Blender.