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Rey & Kylo Ren's Relationship...
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I don’t know exactly how they will portray Ben’s redemption, but I definitely see it happening, and I think Rey will play a part of it. I think it will be romantic love that puts the galaxy back together.

It’s a theory I’ve heard often (even literally my mom said this was her theory after she saw TLJ) and while I don’t have anything against it, personally I’d be surprised if it happens in an explicit “Rey and Ben are a romantic pair and will live happily ever after” way.

I doubt it will happen. Other than that scene where Rey and Kylo touch hands, the rest of the sequel trilogy seems weirdly asexual to me, at least in the traditional sense. Like it’s something that purposely being tiptoed around.

Rose kissing Finn was asexual?

Don’t know how I missed this, but to answer your question two months after the fact:

I suppose the act itself is not technically asexual by its nature, but it felt about as asexual as is possible for an onscreen kiss. There was nothing in the film that built up to that kiss or even hinted at any kind of romance between Rose and Finn. They spent almost the whole movie onscreen together and there was very little chemistry between them.

As for Kylo and Rey, I hope the play up the sexual tension more in episode IX, but I think having them end up together would not be a very satisfying result. The fact is that after The Last Jedi, the relationship between these two characters is probably the most interesting aspect of the story going forward.