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Star Wars trilogy box sets coming next year?
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14-Apr-2019, 7:09 PM

DrDre said:

Fang Zei said:

The part about “Four discs per film for the 4k, three for the standard blu” made my heart sink a little, since that might mean they’re once again going to give the two different versions unequal treatment, with the 4k UHD only including the SE in 4k and relegating the unaltered version to 1080p.

When we have actual 4k transfers of these movies made by the fans and LFL actually has the ability to do us one better with a professional cleanup from a scan of higher quality elements only they possess, it would be a real shame if they gave us the OOT only to lock it into a level of quality from 13 years ago. Deja vu, man.

Again, this is assuming anything in this article isn’t total clickbait bs. The timing makes it highly suspect.

My guess is, that they will respect Lucas’ wishes by not restoring the OOT as a whole. What they might possibly do, is to release a whole bunch of restored unreleased footage at 1080p, and in those same extras include the restored OOT scenes.

I’m not convinced that those are exactly his wishes. Lucas is not against film restoration.