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The Predator The No Dam Dogs Edition V2 (Released)
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14-Apr-2019, 6:55 PM
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14-Apr-2019, 7:05 PM
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Slaven48 said:

How can I get a copy of this? It sounds amazing!

It does, -doesn’t it Slaven!! Like a true and worthy sequal to the Predator franchise! However, It seems nobody (atleast of which I’ve been in contact with that is) has actually seen this one yet. I can only guess that either the publisher/editor never had intentions of ever releasing it, or, somehting got in the way. Either way, would be a sin not to publish it when he’ve so far so succesfully realeased both seqments aswell as sharing thoughts and info about release right here on O.R.

Ah well, truly understand if people are not interested in this edit since the Predator franchise lately has been so "over"explored and used to almost it limits, but that don’t mean “someone” (did I mention author of this edit) can fix it with a couple of tweaks. Would really like to edit it myself but with the hardware I’m using, it’s only a wish come true. With that said, I hope more will join this topic aswell as hoping (even if not me) that someone else will please get a hold of lorang for somekind of resolution.

All of ya, have a great monday now!