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Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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13-Apr-2019, 10:46 AM
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pleasehello said:

DominicCobb said:

I have to say if they’re legit bring Palpatine back to life, on the face of it that’s a pretty lame idea.


But I mean the mere fact that they teased Palpatine in the trailer probably means that he won’t really be coming back to life or be playing that pivotal a role in the movie. Lucasfilm would never prematurely shoot that wad–so to speak.

See and I was thinking the opposite. If it was a small role, they would’ve kept it a surprise like Yoda. But I figure it must be important enough that they’ve revealed it so soon, because it must be a big part of the movie and the marketing campaign. It’s kinda weird watching interviews where they just feel free to talk about him being back. Doesn’t seem like they’d be doing that unless they had too, if you know what I mean.

Honestly the whole idea is really nagging at me. I have so many thoughts about it going through my head. Like how long have they planned this? You would think they just came up with it now, but it ties in very, very well with a lot of the expanded material stuff in the last few years. It actually sounds to me like something George might’ve come up with in his treatments. But then, if they had it plannned, why are there no hints at it in either TFA or TLJ?

OutboundFlight said:

I think Palpatine would be a great addition to Episode 9. They need to tie this all into one saga, and as it stands now Episodes 7 and 8 don’t make much sense in the grand scheme of things.

Personally I think it’s overly simplistic. The ST thus far has been telling in my mind a much more compelling story about what happens after you beat the big bad, rounding out the saga with ruminations on legacy. What happens when you destroy the sith but you realize that the dark side will always exist in some way? Simply bringing back the old big bad or having a new one is not as interesting or dramatically daring as simply asking what will these characters do in the absence of one? You know? Will Ben do the right thing anyway or will he take up that mantle himself? Where will the Skywalker legacy go now?

Bringing back Palpatine just feels like a lazy way of adding stakes and bringing things full circle. Meaning, there are other ways they could do it, but this is the easy, fan-service way I guess. Which doesn’t mean it’ll be bad but on some level it’s disappointing.