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Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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12-Apr-2019, 7:28 PM

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Guess who’s back!

Since they’re apparently going to visit the wreck of the DS2, I’m guessing Palpatine might appear as either a Force Ghost, or more likely, as some kind of Force Vision. Might be similar to the Thrawn trilogy where the death of the Emperor left behind an imprint in the Force.

Or Lucasfilm could just be messing with us in the trailer. Wouldn’t technically be the first time.

Both Death Stars blew up. There was concept art for The Force Awakens of the second Death Star underwater, but they scrapped it. It seems like they could potentially be returning to those ideas, but it also seems a bit odd because the Death Star blew up in space.

Well, it blew up orbiting Endor. So it’s not out of the realm of possibility that fragments fell to the moon’s surface. Which would also suggest that the forest setting that was shown in a couple of the promo photos might indeed be the forests of Endor.

There is no way that the planet the station is on is Endor. It looks like a different planet.

According to the two Ewok movies, Endor has other types of terrain…

JEDIT:Debris from the explosion could also have landed on another planet in the system?

I think we can acknowledge that the Ewok movies are no longer canon, and Disney doesn’t consider them canon either. But they could pull from old forgotten material such as this.