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SSWR's Attack of the Clones - Alternate Timeline Edit (WIP)
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10-Apr-2019, 12:54 PM
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29-Jul-2020, 12:54 PM
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Hello everyone! I’m in the very beginning stages of my first fan edit of Attack of the Clones! I haven’t decided on a name for it yet. However, the idea behind this edit is that it is on an alternate timeline separate from the original. Some of the events of TPM might be eluded to but for the purposes of this edit, it doesn’t exactly exist. It’s almost like Superman Returns…it’s not exactly a sequel, but I guess I’ll be cherry picking things from TPM for this edit.

The reason I’ve started this thread so early in the game is to hopefully brain storm a bit with you guys. I plan on showing some early very very rough ideas and hope I can get feedback. There are so many things I want to change that in the process of editing, other events might be inadvertently affected. So I definitely would love a fresh set of eyes to help notice anything odd or out of place.

I have some very specific ideas I want to try and implement, and then other things I just don’t know what to do with.


Some overall thoughts/ideas:

With a few exceptions, most edits seem to leave in all of Anakins “dark” moments. I want Anakin’s character to be more in line with Luke. We basically won’t see any dark side to Anakin…just like Luke. Not that Anakin won’t have flaws but there won’t be any overt foreshadowing…at the very least, minimal. The whole Star-Wars-prequels-equals-Titanic angle I want gone. I want him to be a likeable guy who then turns evil in ROTS. Can you imagine if Luke had turned evil at the end of ROTJ? Now that would be tragic. That’s what I’m shooting for.

I will indeed be cutting scenes or shots that don’t seem to make sense from a narrative or character stand point, but want I REALLY want to achieve is to repurpose shots and scenes for different parts of the film to extend and/or possibly create new scenes. I want to create new moments or extend a moment that might already be there. This of course will be very difficult, so we’ll see how it goes.

My main goal is to make the internalization of the characters work. I want there to be more emotion and motivation from our heroes. Specifically Anakin. Therefore, Anakin is going to be dubbed. Because I’m replacing his dialogue, I’m finding ways to better set up Anakins relationships (Jedi, Obi, Padme, Palps, etc.). The challenge is to find the right balance. Some of my early attempts to change these things were a little too on-the-nose.

Changes to the plot is really secondary for me. Generally, the way I view all movies is that if I’m invested in the characters, I’ll give any plot conveniences and/or holes a pass. I certainly WANT to bring more simplicity/coherence to the plot, but I realize my limitations. I’m open to suggestions.

The fact is, I’m not sure what I want to do about the Trade Federation, the clones, the “mystery” plot and all the political stuff which has several issues (just watch Confused Matthew or Plinkitt). I’ve yet to see a version that I would want to implement.

I also want to bring things up a notch when it comes to the actual changes. I know with several fan edits, changes to the plot are put in the opening crawl. I certainly plan on changing the crawl but I’d rather show-and-tell than ask the viewer to read-and-remember the changes, all-the-while, scenes play out the same with the exception of a few omissions of dialogue.

Also, I don’t want to rely on flashbacks. I’m not particularly a big fan of edits that do this even when it’s done very well. Hell, I don’t really like it being used in TLJ that much. It just hasn’t been a part of (until TLJ) a Star Wars way of exposition.

There’s more I can get into later. What I’d like to do is go ahead and show you all a very rough clip. It doesn’t make sense for me to finesse it any further until I get feedback. I might be blind to some very obvious flaws. I thought about setting up the clip and what I’m trying to achieve but I’d rather you just watch and respond. I feel like I’ll get a better understanding of what I’ve done if you guys don’t know ahead of time.

P.S. I’m currently using DVD footage on a laptop. I’m hopefully going to be putting together a PC that will allow for bluray quality footage.