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Reimagining TFA/TLJ - both films cut into a singular 48 min epilogue tribute (Released)
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8-Apr-2019, 8:08 PM
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8-Apr-2019, 8:51 PM
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OutboundFlight said:
Overall, I enjoyed your vision. Leia’s death was great, and Ben’s redemption a real conclusion. I think looking at what you had (only two movies and some deleted scenes, no dallies or voice actors etc) you did a great job. These kinds of “creative” edits are my favorite.

Thank you for the detailed analysis! I appreciate it a lot that you took the time to write your thoughts. I’m in agreement with you on most of your critiques. Some aspects of the films had to be sacrificed for one reason or another. Finn is almost cut out from the story completely. As I’m sure you know, as great of ideas we might have for a fan edit, the footage I have access to isn’t always as ideal as I’d like it to be. Also, I only have iMovie, which is a whole other challenge in itself.

I worked on this project entirely out of fun, as I focused on another edit I referenced in the original post. I wanted a chance to experiment. Obviously with “creative” edits like these, things like wardrobe changes become challenging. Continuity gets strange, and ultimately feels like something I can’t always do anything about.

I won’t be going back to revise my edit anytime soon, as I’m spending energy on an entirely different one that’s been in the works throughout the past year. When I release it, I hope you’ll be there again to provide your feedback. Thanks for being so insightful! I’m glad you enjoyed it!