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Biggs Audio Dynamite
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Episode VIII : The Last Jedi - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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2-Apr-2019, 10:13 AM

So you are repeating yourself. Okay, thankyou for the clarification.

You ‘enjoyed some elements, some of which I’ve mentioned in the previous post (visuals, acting, some of the character moments, specifically the Luke/Rey/Kylo/Snoke dynamic, and Luke’s illusion, and its implications for the future of the rebellion at the end, though not his dying from it)’ - but that’s not lip service? Really? Okay then.

‘the main reason I made the last post actually comes from watching a few videos analyzing the business model of the Disney coorporation, and forming my own opinion on it in relation to the upcoming remakes of Aladdin, The Lion King , Mulan (in addition to Dumbo this year, and the slew of remakes or adaptations we got in previous years), and placing the ST in that context, and not liking where things are headed. I started wondering why we as a movie viewing audience are so uncritical of this Trojan Horse in our wallets feeding on our nostalgia? I like a good remake, or adaptation just like the next person, but should the underlying corporate strategy that drives this business model affect our enjoyment of them, especially when every dollar that gets spent on remakes, and adaptations isn’t spent on new content?’ - surely this is worthy of a new thread to discuss? rather than in here?

‘Let me end this post with the following question. Does the ST thusfar, and TLJ specifically fit within the Disney remake strategy: same meat, different gravy? If no, why not?’ what is the Disney remake strategy? In general, or for the ST? Again surely worthy of discussing in a new separate thread? (or a thread on these subjects, if one already exists? Though if so I suppose it would defer from the repeated reasons why TLJ is ‘X’ in here.

I said above that ‘I can now see why some people no longer wish to read this thread, or visit this thread, or talk about TLJ on here, if we are just going to repeat what we have already said again and again.’ I think I’ll be joining them in not visiting this thread further. Good luck with the future already repeated points in here.