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The X-Files: Final cases
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2-Apr-2019, 3:03 AM

Let me tell you a story: last year, I got Amazon Prime and watched the X-Files. I loved it: from the atmosphere, to the story, to the amazing characters I loved it all. But then I got to season 9, and I started to not like it. The plots were stupid, the writing was terrible, the mythology episodes became boring, and the finale was one of the worst I have ever seen. Then I was almost bored to death with I Want to Believe, season 10 would have been a complete disaster had it not been for the Darin Morgan episode, and while season 11 was a bit better, the mythology was worse then ever and the finale was awful.

Afterwards, I retreaded into the world of fanfiction. And while I read some amazing X-Files fics, I wondered: what if the X-Files ever got the grand finale it deserved? So, as my opinions above indicate, I think season 8 is the last good season, so that would have to be the final one.

Now, I actually really like the X-Files season 8. The mythology has been the best it was since season 5, and the episodes were pretty good and there was a sense of direction (unlike the second half of season 7). I think people tend to hate the season just because Mulder is absent for half of it, which is kind of understandable, but still. However, there’s still problems. There is some stupid reveles (like Mulder’s retcon brain disease, or John Doggett’s skepticalness not really making sense after a certain point), the reveal of who the father of Scully’s baby is increadly obvious and it takes a bit too long for Mulder to show back up.

So, the intentions of my edit is this:
1: Get rid of as much stupid stuff as possible.
2: Give as much closure as possible.
3: Make the events of season 9 and beyond impossible.

I will not be doing these:
1: Include the Gift. I know it’s a mythology episode, but it relies on the retcon brain disease, which I’m getting rid of, so I can’t use it. Plus, cutting Doggett dying and coming back to life makes him being a skeptic more believable.
2: Include most of the stand-alone episodes. Most of them are pointless anyway, and just delay Mulder coming back.
3: Include footage from the revival. Not only is it completely devoid of atmosphere, but it also looks increadly different to the rest of the series. Plus, I’m not going to waste money on 2 terrible seasons of TV, just for a few seconds of footage.

Now, season 8 is going to be split up into 3 movies: Lost, Found and the end of the end.

-this will be comprised of Within, Without, Via Negativa and Per Manum. It will be less than 2 hours and 30 minutes.

-this will be comprised of This is Not Happening, DeadAlive and Three Words. It will be under 2 hours.

The end of the end:
-this will be comprised of Empedocles, Vinen, Essence and Existence. It will probably be over 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Now I will be using footage from other episodes and there will be some unpredictable stuff in here.