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Making The first politics thread visible once more (but still locked)
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24-Mar-2019, 5:50 PM
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24-Mar-2019, 5:52 PM
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Well, I don’t see how it could cause more fights or any sort of harm if it were kept read-only. The 2nd politics thread is visible and read only and as far as I know, it has caused no trouble in that form. As for being unrecoverable, I am not so certain of that. I am sure you and Silverwook and the mods honestly believe the thread to be unrecoverable, but Jay indicated that he did not delete it. In fact, you quoted Jay in your post, Anchorhead, saying that “They’re(the 2 political threads) are in cold storage”. Cold storage, and not deleted. Cold storage from which the 2nd thread was brought back. To me that says the 1st thread still exists somewhere. I just think you guys don’t know where it is. I will only believe it is gone, if Jay himself says so. In any case, I see I am wasting my time. It is very sad to me that years of interesting political debate and forum history are gone, and probably will not return. I know you and the others see nothing of value from that thread, we will just have to disagree there. I intended no harm nor to start fights or to talk about politics in the forum again. I simply wanted to read the thread. That is all. It is part of forum history and I think it should have been preserved. It is a shame and unfortunate that it has to be this way. It is sad to me that no one else seems to appreciate that thread the way I do. I shall trouble you no further about this. I give up. farewell.