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The Phantom Menace on 35mm
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21-Mar-2019, 1:18 PM

schorman13 said:

skywalker89 said:

RU.08 said:

I don’t know I would call that “easy”, I can send you my project files and you can see what you can make of it if you like. In any case, we have a very good opportunity to scan this film now if the print is purchased.

I would want to have the original raw files (Maybe a .ts or .mp4 file?) of the Austrian 720p HDTV record “Die dunkle Bedrohung” from ORF1 from 2013 (or earlier) in best possible quality.

The only available recording of the Austrian ORF1 version is 480p.

I already have that 480p version, but there should be a European 720p HDTV record.