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The Real Monroville
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The Keep (1983) - 35mm Preservation Scan Opportunity (a WIP)
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20-Mar-2019, 6:28 AM

timemeddler said:

I guess nobody wants this 35mm preservation because it’s not a disney movie. who cares if it hasn’t made it past vhs and laserdisc. we only preserve stuff that is out on dvd and bluray because the color or something is off.

There “are” plenty of people interested… but who do you send the money to? What guarantee is there that this is legit? Like I posted before, if the person who has the negative/film print would post pictures of the film reels and some shots of the negative (to confirm that it is THE KEEP), that would increase likelihood in people donating money.

A Kickstarter or GoFundMe wouldn’t hurt either.

There is someone on MySpleen who has been doing 35mm transfers to digital… if they could be contacted to look into this (to verify things), that could help too.