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Goldeneye 35mm Scan and Preservation
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16-Mar-2019, 6:39 PM

austin98989 said:

trillary dump said:

austin98989 said:

This is the 4k scan from the studio themselfs. MGM. This is not a scan from the project.

Oh my bad! It looks like MGM learned their lesson after that awful blu ray transfer.

Yea i have the full 4k file. 35gb. It looks stunning. There are cropping issues however. so they still managed to flup it up.

There are numerous 4k/h.265 Bonds out now ranging from 14gb - 20gb. I’ve not seen any above that.
Some comments over at reddit suggesting they have had the blu ray DTS-HD track from the blu ray sync’d in.
What tracks do yours have?

I’ve only spot-checked but I think they’ve done a banging job with Goldeneye. Grain is back and DNR + EE is gone. If it is cropped, it only seems to be by a fraction. I’ve only compared 1 scene to the BD though.

Golden Gun which is new to 4k has more than a fraction cropped and subjected to more muted colours than the BD. Despite the grain coming back, i’m disappointed with that.

Dr No seems too dark and contrasty. This ones a total fail as its obliterated the day for night scenes when they arrive at Crab Key and battle the “dragon”. Other ones that originally had 4k scans seem to stick to the grades of the BD’s.