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The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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15-Mar-2019, 5:25 PM

charlesdavid08 said:

New Special Effects and cuts that i want too see in the fan edit of prequel trilogy.
My Dream List:
-make Grievous look cool like in the cartoon version of clone wars, make him tough or reboot him as darth maul.
-deepfakes hayden christensen lol ( i want to see him more as starfighter like to prove obi wan’s says in the ANH and jedi knight in the revenge of the sith and aotc Or other characters too like yoda, count dooku (improve his character)
-make the tone of the sounds like in 70s
-a little Dub of other Characters
-Cgi-Remove mace’ Fellow jedi in Darth Sidious Scene, only mace wants to arrest or kill him
-Make the Contrast,Colors,Brightness in episode 2 and 3 feels like OT
-new scene in the of how clone troopers retired or endangered?
-replace the whole vader scene after he wore the suit to cover the nooooooo scene
Padme Survived?

These are doable, the rest seems really tough to get right but I’m certain that these changes can be made by one guy. If only adywan was still on the case, then we’d get real practical sets and such.