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The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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15-Mar-2019, 1:22 PM
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15-Mar-2019, 8:30 PM
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special effects and cuts that i want too see in the fan edit of prequel trilogy.
My Dream List:
-clone troopers with actual costume
-replacing screen display with 70s or Ot style schematics
-Less Holograms(please cgi-remove the hologram in the cockpit), touchscreens (replace with a buttons) and flying ships in the sky
-a little bit ray harryhausen style especially a Battle Droids and other creatures like gungans,giant monsters in geonosis, and genosians,
-make Grievous look cool like in the cartoon version of clone wars, make him tough or reboot him as darth maul.
-deepfakes hayden christensen lol ( i want to see him more as starfighter to prove obi wan’s says in the ANH and jedi knight in the revenge of the sith and aotc Or other characters too like yoda, count dooku (improve his character)
-less yoda jumping and lightsabers
-Improved CGI Effects
-make the tone of the sounds like in 70s
-Make Clieg Lars Look like a Good Man and he really loved Shmi Skywalker
-a little Dub of other Characters
(Improve Dialogs)
-make other backgrounds like matte painting.
-add new cgi and practical effects
-replace a crappy cgi creatures with a practical effects
-practical effects Ships
-Removed Chewbacca or reboot him as different wookie or his dad lol
-replace the pod racing commentators with an actual humans
-Remove a Photobombing cgi droids and creatures.
-Extend Battle Scene in Geonosis (and with space battle lol?) (make the whole battle happen at night?)
-add a new scenes of Jedi Purging Like anakin and clone troopers killing a teenage Jedis and adults in the temple and more jedi killings outside
-Extended Scene of Sand People Purging? and Qui Gon Jinn force ghost appear and Anakin didnt notice him?
-Make the whole battle in naboo Dark
-rewrite JarJar as interesting character like replace other scenes with new cgi that not goofy,redub him sounds like an edgy, rewrite his background of why he banished like he exiled because he is jerk and troublemaker in his place.
-Cgi-Remove mace’ Fellow jedi in Darth Sidious Scene, only mace wants to arrest or kill him
-improve anakin and padme love story with look alike actors,deepfakes,sound alike dubbing.
-can anyone try to Remove Zoom-in in every Scenes?
-Make the Contrast,Colors,Brightness in episode 2 and 3 feels like OT
The colors is the only problem in Episode 1.
-new scene in the of how clone troopers retired or endangered?
(Like the first generation of rebels or other jedi blows up the Clone Factory and Base)?
-Introduction of Storm Trooper with Ralph Mcquarrie concept art as phase one trooper costume?
-new scenes of tarkin?
-replace the whole vader scene after he wore the suit to cover the nooooooo scene
-Bail Married Padme? And Padme Survived?
-add a new scenes of z-95 starfighters because its a predecessor of x-wing next to arc 170
-reused other scifi movies scenes from 60s,70s and 80s?
Please #SaveThePrequels Guys and Gals
If im a millionare or billionare and can edit a video, i really want to do this.