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Disney to buy 20th (21st) Century Fox? (Disney has now bought them - 14 Dec '17)
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13-Mar-2019, 6:15 PM
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Quattro Bajeena said:

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Fang Zei said:

Seriously, how long do we wait before drafting a new petition that simply opens with “Dear Walt Disney Company”?

I was so certain the Unaltered Original Trilogy would be announced during Celebration for the 40th anniversary. While standing in various lines I would mention it during conversation and always the same response… blank stares. It was like I was speaking latin or something. I don’t know if they just had no idea what I was talking about or were just devoted to whatever is said to be the official version that the idea of anything else was blasphemous.

I know how that is. I learned to stop bringing the subject up at Celebration after I started getting belligerent and pedantic responses toward it. It’s a truly sad state of affairs.

And I thought I was the one with a problem when I had more than 5 different versions of the ESB and still wasn’t satisfied. LOL

Coversation would usually go one of two ways:

Tobar: So do you think they’ll ever release the original theatrical versions?
Rudeman: What do you mean by original exactly? You know there really is no such thing as one original version! There were different sound mixes released simultaneously in theaters, which is the original?!? You know there were changes made between the 35mm and 70mm versions of the films! And what about the different crawl when they re-released A New Hope??? So you see, there are no original versions because there’ve always been multiple versions from the start!


Tobar: So do you think they’ll ever release the original theatrical versions?
Rudedude: Excuse me? Why would I want incomplete films?!?