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Quattro Bajeena
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Disney to buy 20th (21st) Century Fox? (Disney has now bought them - 14 Dec '17)
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13-Mar-2019, 4:31 PM

Tobar said:

rodneyfaile said:

Fang Zei said:

Seriously, how long do we wait before drafting a new petition that simply opens with “Dear Walt Disney Company”?

I was so certain the Unaltered Original Trilogy would be announced during Celebration for the 40th anniversary. While standing in various lines I would mention it during conversation and always the same response… blank stares. It was like I was speaking latin or something. I don’t know if they just had no idea what I was talking about or were just devoted to whatever is said to be the official version that the idea of anything else was blasphemous.

I know how that is. I learned to stop bringing the subject up at Celebration after I started getting belligerent and pedantic responses toward it. It’s a truly sad state of affairs.

And I thought I was the one with a problem when I had more than 5 different versions of the ESB and still wasn’t satisfied. LOL