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Criterion 35mm Restoration Edition Boxset
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12-Mar-2019, 10:52 AM

Hello all,

When I joined this forum recently, I was blown away at the dedication and personal involvement by so many members. I immediately fell in love with so many of the projects, restorations and artwork found beyond every click.

I recently finished my Criterion NJVC boxset based on the hard work of JMoomer, Stealthboy and Wombat_94.
With the releases of Project 4k77, 4k83 and the eventual release of 4k80, I was inspired to continue the work of the users mentioned above to create a complementary boxset to the NJVC criterion version listed in this post

This new set will consist of 7 discs and be constructed in matching fashion. Each case will contain the TN1 project 4kxx disc, the grindhouse/silver screen equivalent and the 4k83 bonus features disc. ROTJ will contain Hamry’s grindhouse LPP as TN1 has not/will not be releasing a version.

I am by no means a talented user of photo editing software. I used the source files provided by stealthboy to serve as the platform for minor alterations. I replaced the rebel logos with imperial logos for this new set. I used additional Ralph McQuarrie artwork of high resolution not found in the other boxset. I edited the text details to match what current information I could find on the releases included. Any release not found in ISO format is being authored to blu-ray currently (ROTJ Grindhouse & the 4k83 Bonus features disc).

This project is not completed as of yet, however, I wanted to share the initial covers and gain feedback and insight as to the technical details of the releases/sources that I have missed. Your feedback is valued in completing this project.

I will share the source files as progress continues. Please do not PM me about creating a set/selling a set/etc.

Again, props to JMoomer, Stealthboy and Wombat_94. They deserve all the credit for the minor alterations I have provided.

Here are the initial Covers:

Some Possible Disc Labels: