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The Criterion Collection Thread
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12-Mar-2019, 4:39 AM

CHEWBAKAspelledwrong said:

I find it surprising that enough of the kind of people who buy Criterion discs are still buying DVDs that it’s still worthwhile for Criterion to press them.

I mean, why don’t they keep selling Laserdisc while they’re at it?

You’d be amazed how many people feel DVD is good enough. Is there any studio or label that isn’t releasing DVD’s of new titles?

Besides the fact Laserdiscs were essentially thrown under the bus to hasten acceptance of DVD, there also isn’t an LD pressing plant left in the world. The last plant shut down in 2002. If there wasn’t still some record pressing plants left there would be no vinyl revival going on right now.

Would be interesting if someone could find a way to manufacture LD’s again. I’d be happy if Pioneer just made a new player. That might actually be easier.