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Rian Johnson to Head New Star Wars Trilogy
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11-Mar-2019, 2:04 AM
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DominicCobb said:

leetwall31 said:

RogueLeader said:

leetwall31 said:

I really hope that’s not true. And it’s not the just the internet. Majority of my friends (whom aren’t Star Wars fans in the first place) really didn’t care for it. I can’t recall hearing any good opinions on it the time it came out. It was always “eh”.

I get what your saying, but anecdotal information isn’t really evidence. Many of the people I know who saw the movie liked it, and I read a lot of good opinions about the movie. Does that make me right?

All opinions are anecdotal. That kinda defeats the purpose of this discussion. But damn, I really wanna find some people who liked it now. I knew nobody who did.

Since you seem to care, for what it’s worth I know no one who didn’t like it. Have a couple friends who disliked certain aspects, but that’s as harsh as it gets. Most of us are baffled by the backlash.

Interesting. Would you describe your friends as Star Wars fans?

Speaking for the people who think it’s a silly movie, it comes off like fast food. It’s just so obviously fake, processed and insincere. We can’t help but look at the people who defend it as kinda silly themselves, because to us it’s just such an obviously poor attempt to be what it is. But most people may miss that because it’s packaged in a specific way that averts you from it’s flaws. It doesn’t expect you to think, and if you did, you’d recognize that it’s not good too.

It’s fine that you like it and have your own opinion about it, but it’s just that you lose our respect a bit, and seem less credible to us about what makes a good movie a good movie.