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A simple ANH and RotJ idea
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10-Mar-2019, 11:09 PM
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I don’t think so. Redoing the Death Star blowing up would be the biggest thing, FX-wise. I was thinking in order to keep the explosion still dramatic, at the moment it blows up, there could be a big flash of white light that obscures the moment of explosion, then the white slowly fades out to show big Death Star chunks drifting apart, the pieces vaguely in-like with what we see of the DSII.
Maybe it could be reminiscent to the Supremacy explosion.

And honestly, maybe you could make just enough necessary changes to make it where the Death Star II could be interpreted either as the same Death Star or a new one. The term “Reconstructed” could be interpreted either way if you think about it. “We’re rebuilding the Death Star” could mean they are putting it back together OR they are starting from scratch. That way people can interpret it however they like, with the only big hint to it being the same one would be the DSI pieces being in a similar shape as the DSII.