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Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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7-Mar-2019, 9:54 PM
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DominicCobb said:

What I’m getting is, Rey needs to be jailed in IX for theft. Let’s Make Star Wars Pointlessly Pedantic About Possesions and Inheritance! That’s what the series has always needed. Can’t wait for the climactic court case where Kylo Ren claims ownership of the Falcon.

(also aren’t Jedi not supposed to have possessions anyway?)

Hyperbolic much?

SilverWook said:
Did Luke ever go back to Cloud City and look for it after ROTJ? And if we factor in the prequels, that saber has a lot of innocent blood on it. Something Luke may have learned about later since he seems to know Darth Sidious’ history.
For that matter, how long was Maz sitting on the thing? Before Luke went missing? If there’s anybody you should be peeved at, it’s her. 😉

I’m sure Luke simply assumed it lost for all time to the depths of Bespin’s gas clouds since anything that falls into the Cloud City inner shaft seems to get collected and dumped straight into the atmosphere.

I’m not peeved at anyone, it was just a minor thing I noted about the situation. That Rey technically never asked or was given leave to just take it so as I said, she unwittingly stole it. I mean, that is the term for when you take something that doesn’t belong to you without the owner’s consent.

DominicCobb said:

Valheru_84 said:

You’re right regarding the saber (but I don’t understand your Lucas comment)

Lucas messed up, minimizing the importance of the saber by not making it his only one.

Ah ok. I wouldn’t say minimizing but definitely reducing the total significance it could hold. It’s a non-issue for me though in my view of the matter and how it pertains to this discussion.

DominicCobb said:

I’m not getting nit picky though, if you want to compare the two then these things need to be recognised so you can determine which elements in each case are apples and which are oranges and then see which of them line up. Also regardless of who currently possesses it, it will always be Anakin’s lightsaber as he made and used it in its initial life. When someone legitimately claims it as theirs down the track, yes you would call it their lightsaber (ie. “Luke’s lightsabre”) but when being respectful of it’s history you would still call it “Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber” or some descriptor as to their relation to yourself like “my dad’s lightsaber”.

Just because Disney markets the toy and replica sabers as “Rey’s Lightsaber” doesn’t mean when actually describing its history that you wouldn’t say “It’s actually Anakin Skylwalker’s second/third lightsaber which was inherited and used by his son Luke Skywalker, found by Maz Canata who gave it to Rey to return to Luke but kept it for herself without consent when Luke declined to accept it from her.”

To my point though, if you’re going to get nitpicky about the history, Luke didn’t inherit it. Obi-Wan stole it and gave it to him without Anakin’s permission. So it’s as legitimately Rey’s as it is Luke’s by your excessively literal-minded logic.

For the duration of ANH he inherited it as far as the audience is aware anyway which is where my “certain point of view” hand-me-down inheritance comment to Wook came from. Once we learn the truth in TESB we still don’t know the proper circumstances under how it made it’s way from Anakin to Luke and isn’t until ROTS that we see how events play out. You could technically say Obi-wan stole it, much like it and the Falcon are technically Ben Solo’s but there is no moral ambiguity around these circumstances when you take everything into consideration which is why it makes sense for Ben not to get those inheritances and for Obi-wan to take Anakin’s saber. The same cannot be said for Rey taking Anakin’s saber from Luke, the rightful owner now that Anakin is actually dead. There is no actual legitimacy around Rey now having it, only psuedo-justification.

It is not my intent to be overly literal and logical about it all (it’s just how my thought process works), my initial feeling that Rey didn’t have the right to just take the saber from Luke was just that - a feeling, which contributed to my dislike for the character. It is only in discussing and trying to explain it that I am looking deeper myself and laying out my detailed perspective on why I happen to see it this way, often in response to simplistic replies that seem to brush it aside as nothing of consequence despite it having an impact on the judgement of Rey’s moral fibre (which is why I also tie the matter into her physical abuse of Luke and threatening him with the saber which at this point is not even her’s to use).