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Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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5-Mar-2019, 12:27 AM
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Valheru_84 said:

DominicCobb said:

Valheru_84 said:

DominicCobb said:

Even if Rey isn’t a Skywalker, she is essentially the heir to that role and the bearer of their legacy. I believe it’s fitting that the end of the Skywalker story would focus on a non-Skywalker who will carry and pass on the torch after they’re gone.

If you want to talk about a heir, technically it would be Kylo aka Ben Solo who should inherit Anakin’s lightsaber and the Millennium Falcon as birthrights, being the only current surviving member of that family.

Obviously because of his history that will never be allowed to happen but he still has far more right to that legacy than Rey ever will who is essentially a random with a ridiculous affinity for the force…

Yep, that’s literally the point of her and Kylo’s characters. You’re so close, think about it a bit more and maybe you’ll understand the filmmakers’ intention and what I meant by “heir.”

Sorry, not getting your drift. Please expand upon what is evidently obvious to yourself.

So Ben is the presumed heir and birthright of the Skywalker legacy and their immense force power but this fucks with his head and he messes up, meanwhile Rey is a nobody who no one expects anything of but who manages to achieve that which was expected of Ben simply because of his lineage… maybe this was on purpose.

DominicCobb said:

It seems at this point that the Falcon is just hers to use as she will, complete with co-pilot Chewie who’s only job it seems now is to just fly her about and she essentially stole Anakin’s lightsaber since Luke never gave her leave to just take it, you could even say it was taken by force if you factor in her pulling the lightsaber on him before leaving. And that’s before you get into her role which does not feel earned in respect to her command of the force or suddenly integral role to the rebellion, but that’s an argument for another thread.

I don’t even know what to say about this section. Except it’s honestly hilarious. Instead of “Rey’s Lightsaber” they should sell those toys as “Anakin’s Stolen Lightsaber.” Hahaha

(funny thing being if you trace it, it was actually stolen - by Obi-wan)

In regards to comparing the Obi-wan vs Rey situations of obtaining the saber, the two are CLEARLY not the same and it’s pretty disingenuous to say so - one is keeping the saber of your now mortal enemy who is responsible for ending the Jedi order, murdering younglings in the process among other atrocities already committed by this stage. You’re not going to leave it within his force grip reach while he’s still alive. Also a Jedi’s weapon is not something to just be left laying around for anyone to find. He might even have some sentimental value in it himself if he helped his old student Anakin construct it.

Doubtful he helped him construct it as it wasn’t his first saber (silly Lucas). My point of comparison was a joke. It’s ridiculous to use the word stolen in either regard. But it is a term more accurate for Obi-wan, as the item was literally in Anakin’s possession as he took it. If you’re going to get nitpicky about something completely irrelevant like who the lightsaber actually belongs to, don’t forget Anakin never gave it away, so your point is on shaky ground.

The other is taking something of huge sentimental value from someone who’s birthright it is and you literally met a couple of days before and is obviously emotionally and mentally traumatised but holds no ill will towards you, instead only offering advice and wisdom (no matter how misplaced it might be) along with insight and help but you smack them in the back and threaten them with that very same object just because you are frustrated with them. You then proceed to keep it for yourself and leave the planet.

“Something of huge sentimental value” - clearly not, at least in that moment, as he throws it away. You’re missing the vital semiotic meaning of the saber. It’s a whole lot more than just an object that someone does or does not have ownership over.