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4-Mar-2019, 1:15 PM
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paja said:

Today’s that Polish holiday where you’re supposed to eat a bunch of donuts.

Fat Tuesday is next week.

I’m going to abstain from video games for Lent.

I thought you weren’t catholic.

Lent is observed by

I always thought it was only observed by Catholics. I’m opposed to it. My goals are to work as little as possible and to experience as much personal enjoyment as possible. Sacrificing things conflicts heavily with those goals.

That assumes certain things some might sacrifice are ultimately fulfilling. That they “spark joy”, as it were.

I’m getting a little burned out on my games, and I listen too much to audiobooks when I’m at home instead of interacting more with my wife and daughter. So I thought I’d give them up for Lent.

I’m not Catholic, nor Methodist or any of those on that Wikipedia page. My wife’s parents are Methodist, though, and I thought trying to break my screen-related addictions (at least temporarily) in favor of more fulfilling things sounded like a good idea.