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Rian Johnson to Head New Star Wars Trilogy
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28-Feb-2019, 11:31 PM

RogueLeader said:

leetwall31 said:

I really hope that’s not true. And it’s not the just the internet. Majority of my friends (whom aren’t Star Wars fans in the first place) really didn’t care for it. I can’t recall hearing any good opinions on it the time it came out. It was always “eh”.

I get what your saying, but anecdotal information isn’t really evidence. Many of the people I know who saw the movie liked it, and I read a lot of good opinions about the movie. Does that make me right?

All opinions are anecdotal. That kinda defeats the purpose of this discussion. But damn, I really wanna find some people who liked it now. I knew nobody who did.

I think a sequel is a good sequel if it evokes the essence of it’s predecessor and also pushes the story forward into new territory (which Episode 8 hardly did at all).

RogueLeader said:

leetwall31 said:

No one is posting videos month-after-month about how AWESOME Episode 8 was. The only people who do that are Die-Hard-Fans, and they’re not saying it was AWESOME. They keep doing this month-after-month because they care about Star Wars the most, so Disney should listen to them more.

“You know it’s-”

That’s funny