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Rian Johnson to Head New Star Wars Trilogy
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28-Feb-2019, 10:49 PM
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ChainsawAsh said:

The movie was a massive critical and commercial success.

It pretty much only made half of Episode 7’s box office. I’d imagine a lot of people didn’t want to see it a 2nd time; it’s not an exciting or really interesting movie, it’s a bit of a bore. Rotten Tomatoes is not the critics’ consensus btw. To get a broader view, I like to read both RT and MetaCritic. Also I’m beginning to wonder if critics on RT are getting paid to give certain movies a pass these days.

ChainsawAsh said:

They don’t give a shit about a portion of the fan base loudly complaining on the internet.

I really hope that’s not true. And it’s not the just the internet. Majority of my friends (whom aren’t Star Wars fans in the first place) really didn’t care for it. I can’t recall hearing any good opinions on it the time it came out. It was always “eh”.

Remember the last time the fans complained on the internet? It wasn’t hogwash. The prequels weren’t great, and they were upset about that, because they wanted them to be great. They’re complaining again because they think the same about Episode 8. No one is posting videos month-after-month about how AWESOME Episode 8 was. The only people who do that are Die-Hard-Fans, and they’re not saying it was AWESOME. They keep doing this month-after-month because they care about Star Wars the most, so Disney should listen to them more. Even Mark Hamill isn’t a fan of this movie, and he was a fan before all of us.

ChainsawAsh said:

If the majority people really hated it that much, the home video sales wouldn’t have been as good as they were.

I always found that fact to be weird. Keep in mind most people don’t even buy Blu-Rays these days. It’s not a very popular market.

ChainsawAsh said:

TLJ made a ton of money. That’s all that matters to the studio. It’s a business, after all.

Every Star Wars Episode makes a ton of money, it doesn’t mean anything. And I’m aware Disney is all about the money, which is why when I heard they bought LucasFilm back in 2012, I felt a little annoyed. We don’t need people milking Star Wars, and I know that’s all they’re out to do. If they weren’t, then they would’ve made George’s original sequel trilogy. They wouldn’t even risk that, so it shows they’re quite cowardly when it comes to story telling. They’re not interested in continuing the story for the story’s sake, they’re interested in doing it because it’ll get them more money.

ChainsawAsh said:

Rian made them money and was easy to work with (notice how TLJ is the only post-Disney movie without a ton of behind the scenes drama, reshoots, and crew shakeups). Of course they’re going to give him more movies.

Good point.