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The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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28-Feb-2019, 3:18 AM

RogueLeader said:

Another Revenge of the Sith idea.

I believe I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ve seen versions of this idea on blogs that try to “rewrite” the movie, so it isn’t new.
But what if Anakin executing Dooku played a part in Anakin not being made a master?

Just an idea, but what if in the dolly in shot of Anakin standing before the council, we were to add a hologram of Anakin standing over Dooku’s body, basically a security hologram from the Separatist ship. Then after the hologram fades, Windu tells Anakin is on the council, but will not be granted the rank of master.

The idea being that Anakin executes Dooku am immediately recognizes that it wasn’t the Jedi way. The Jedi then reprimand Anakin for this action by not making him a master. Then later, when Windu is about to execute Palpatine and says the same thing Palpatine did, that “He’s too dangerous to be kept alive”, it makes Anakin see the Jedi as hypocritical, and not any better than the Sith. That Windu is trying to do the same thing that Anakin was punished for.

The reason I even suggest this is that the only reason Mace and the other Jedi seem so weary of Anakin is because of his close relationship with Palpatine, but their attitude towards Anakin feels pretty hostile even from the beginning. They’ve known Anakin since he was a boy, so is his relationship with Palpatine enough to justify their distrust and coldness toward Anakin?

So, I wonder if Anakin did something at the beginning of the film that held a consequence, it would help explain the Jedi’s lack of trust in him. He is a powerful Jedi, but the death of Dooku would be proof that Anakin teeters toward the dark side. I also think Anakin’s actions carrying that consequence would be a little more compelling story-wise, as well.

Maybe someone could articulate the pros and cons of this idea better than I could. Would love to gets some thoughts on this.

I like it, you could also make hologram footage of anakin talking to palpy about being a sith lord, mace watches the footage and says ‘it’s a plot to destroy the jedi’ and goes to hunt down palpatine, this would eliminate the awful middle moment where anakin tells mace about palpatine being a sith lord and I think the tension would actually be elevated quite a bit.