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Idea: Goldfinger - Theatrical UK version
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26-Feb-2019, 10:49 AM

I want to do some sort of restoration/preservation of this version of the movie. There are 3 main differences that are not in any release version (that I know of) that would be easy to put in:

-The timer on the bomb in Fort Knox stopping at 003 seconds as opposed to 007. This explains Bond saying “3 more ticks and Goldfinger would have hit the jackpot!”

-When the plane is out of control going down, there is only one green dot going down on the radar Felix is looking at as opposed to 2 in the general release (implying Bond and Pussy escaped with a parachute )

-The end credits erroneously say “James Bond will be back On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” this was changed to Thunderball for the general release since Thunderball actually followed it.

Does anyone know if an official home video release has any of these original scenes? I have the oldest Laserdisc release and it doesn’t have these original scenes. I know the end credits saying OHMSS is on a tv print floating around the internet, but the other 2 I don’t know.