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Rian Johnson to Head New Star Wars Trilogy
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25-Feb-2019, 7:05 PM
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CHEWBAKAspelledwrong said:

leetwall31 said:

I really want to know what it was that LucasFilm saw in Rian Johnson that made them believe he could do this. He has good story ideas, sometimes(they’re kind of hit or miss). But I find his execution style to be all wrong. He’ll come up with an amazing idea, but then play it off a certain way in the film that destroys it. He’s not a great story teller that respects mythology and cultural impact. He’s more of a conventional film maker, with quirks. That’s not enough really to helm a Star Wars trilogy.

Have you even looked at the TLJ box office numbers? Just because you’re didn’t like the movie doesn’t mean his work has no appeal for others.

No one looks back on money. People do look back on art however. Where is this money going? What do these box office #s lead to? Somehow in 5 years, all the money the movie made will be gone. It’ll be spent somehow on another project. But what about the movie itself, and the story it’s trying to tell us? That’s what we should wonder about, because that’s what lasts. No one cares about or remembers how much money an artist made for their paintings. What matters 100 years later is if the painting was good or not.

Also, they gave Rian the new trilogy before the movie came out. There were no box office numbers, so I don’t know why you’re brining that up. And I didn’t say I didn’t like Episode 8 btw.