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A small edit of the Order 66 scene - Anakin killing Shaak-Ti in the Jedi Temple...
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19-Feb-2019, 10:21 AM

I don’t like the scene of Anakin killing the Younglings in Revenge Of The Sith, and it would have been nice to see a bit more action of Anakin in the Jedi Temple. I had completely forgotten the deleted scene of him killing Shaak-Ti and walking through the Jedi Temple, so I decided to edit it in, and remove the Younglings’ scene. I added some sound effects (for Anakin’s lightsaber and Shaak-Ti falling to the ground), and rearranged John Williams’ score so it would fit well with the scene. I didn’t spend much time on it and I don’t have much experience in fan editing so it’s not perfect but I just wanted to see if the scene could fit in the movie, and I think it does. This happens at the end of the Order 66 scene, right after Yoda escapes with the Wookiees, and just before Padmé is watching the Jedi Temple burning from her appartment.

If the special effects were finished and the scene was actually in the movie, I think it would almost satisfy me. We get a glimpse of the shitstorm inside the Temple, and we get to see Anakin killing a Jedi in a dark way.
Do you think it could be possible, with enough time and the right programs, for a fan to finish the special effects and make it watchable?

Here is the link: https://vimeo.com/318225559

What do you think?