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18-Feb-2019, 12:25 PM

Well, I’m kind of late, but I thought I’d throw my own two cents in. The series (or two) I’ve seen were both animated: RoosterTeeth’s recently-released military, mecha, sci-fi web show called “Gen: Lock”; and a sort of obscure, independent, Arabic superhero show called “Emara: Emirates Hero” by Eating Star Studious.

For “Gen: Lock,” I’ve only seen the first episode, but it looks pretty decent. A typical set-up that involves a near-future war of political ideologies involving mecha. The writing seems good, and I’m surprised the crew got well-known actors (and that’s not including Maise Williams, David Tennant, and so on) like Michael B. Jordan and Dakota Fanning voicing the main lead Chase and his love interest Mirana, both members of the Vanguard who fight against the nanotech-based Union. I’d say give it a watch, and I’m hoping RoosterTeeth eventually makes the rest of their episodes free to watch on the site.

As for “Emara,” it’s first and foremost a typical superhero show that takes place and was made in the Middle East (a rarity to say the least). It follows the adventures of Emara, a cybernetic superhero who fights crime in her home, the bustling city of Dubai (think Sailor Moon or Miraculous in the Middle East). There is nothing deep about it, but the cultural elements (and anime references/rip-offs) in the background are nice little touches, and I’m a sucker for independent works, so this immediately caught my eye. The animation is pretty decent (for an independent animated work), and I liked the characters. Some of the voices, specifically the male ones, are so-so at best, but that is only in the English dub, as the show is also available in Arabic with better voices and English subtitles if you prefer. The first season (a total of five episodes, 10 minutes each) is available for free on YouTube, so give it a watch if you’re interested.