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Childhood Misconceptions (aka The Trap Thread, but misconceptions still welcome)
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12-Feb-2019, 4:43 PM

dahmage said:

VegetableMan said:

When I was a kid I only had The Phantom Menace and Return Of The Jedi on VHS, and I hadn’t seen the others, and I thought the Death Star II was what was left of the feredation ship Anakin blows up at the end of TPM.

I can’t fathom only having those two movies… When did you finally see the rest of the saga? (assuming you eventually did)

I don’t really remember, I started really getting into Star Wars between I and II, so probably in 2001, and at the time there were only those two VHSs at home. I think I then had The Empire Strikes Back (1997 SE) and finally Star Wars (1997 SE), before II came out.
So I watched them in a messed up order: VI, I, V, IV, II, III, etc…