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When was the Special Edition first shown on TV?
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12-Feb-2019, 12:22 PM
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Thanks for your replies.
I don’t know these global tv channels, but it’s interesting and nostalgic for me.
I prefer the SE 97, instead of the 04 and the 2011 one’s.
How old are you guy’s at watching it first.
I’m sorry but i like the SE97, i don’t have a problem with it.
I think i like it, because i was a kid.

Do you remember, that it was on Pro7?
If yes, than i’m 100% sure that i’m watched the SE trilogy at these dates.
Because i remember, that i got at christmas 1999, the Lego Star Wars Set 7150 with an Y-Wing and Vader’s Tie Fighter.

Pro7 channel:
ANH - Saturday 8.January 2000 (20:15-22:55)
ESB - Saturday 15.January 2000 (20:15-22:55)
ROTJ - Saturday 22.January 2000 (20:15-23:05)

Ok, then they showed Theatrical versions last time on these dates.

ANH - Saturday 14.February 1998 (20:15-22:45)
Repeated at Monday 16.February 1998 (02:05-04:15)
ESB - Saturday 21.February 1998 (20:15-22:50)
Repeated at Monday 23.February 1998 (01:45-03:55)
ROTJ - Saturday 28.February 1998 (20:15-23:00)
Repeated at Monday 2.March 1998 (00:55-03:25)

Damn, that my dad never recorded the first Special Edition on VHS.

Ok you found the same website with the program page. 😃