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Anyone else totally disregard Leia being Luke's sister?
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8-Feb-2019, 3:57 PM
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RogueLeader said:

to make a counter-argument, Ray, I definitely think it is there

Look at this deleted scene from ESB. Luke and Leia were clearly written with some romantic interest.

Deleted scenes aren’t in the movie, so they don’t count.

Leia also kisses Luke after they rescue him from Cloud City, when he is laying on the bunk in the Falcon. I mean I agree you can kinda write it off as her just really caring about Luke, but you can’t blame anyone for feeling the love triangle was apparent.

She was caring for him. I’ve had girls do the same while I’m having one of my terrible migraines. Doesn’t mean they want to sleep with me.

Also you can’t forget this little interaction in ANH when Luke asks Han what he thinks about her, and Luke is clearly a little jealous. Yes, you can write it off as platonic, but it is there.

Luke liked the pretty girl. No doubt, no problem.

Also, gotta say I feel Mark was playing up this interaction to be a little flirty.

Again, Luke likes the pretty girl.

If you can rationalize it if you want to and still enjoy it, but I definitely think they weren’t sure if Luke and Leia would end up as a couple until they got to writing Return of the Jedi. If Harrison decided not to come back for ESB or ROTJ, the option was open.

I don’t think they were sure either, but there’s nothing in the films that ever made me think Luke would get the girl, or even that he had a chance with her. She’s dismissive of him right away, and intrigued by Han instantly. The only time this is questioned is by Han in RotJ, and that’s stupid since they confessed love for one another at the end of ESB and at the beginning of RotJ.
I just don’t see it and CERTAINLY don’t see anything close to incest in the OT.