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Anyone else totally disregard Leia being Luke's sister?
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8-Feb-2019, 3:49 PM

Inbreeding crap? Hahaha. I don’t think the criticism should be taken that seriously.

But to make a counter-argument, Ray, I definitely think it is there

Look at this deleted scene from ESB. Luke and Leia were clearly written with some romantic interest.

Leia also kisses Luke after they rescue him from Cloud City, when he is laying on the bunk in the Falcon. I mean I agree you can kinda write it off as her just really caring about Luke, but you can’t blame anyone for feeling the love triangle was apparent.

Also you can’t forget this little interaction in ANH when Luke asks Han what he thinks about her, and Luke is clearly a little jealous. Yes, you can write it off as platonic, but it is there.

Also, gotta say I feel Mark was playing up this interaction to be a little flirty.

Again, I don’t think it is a big deal. I wouldn’t say it is ever really blatant enough to be INCEST, but there is definitely enough there for it to be ironic and a little awkward in retrospect. It doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of these movies whatsoever. You can easily write it off as them instantly having a close relationship. They didn’t know what it was at first, but I think their relationship evolved into being like family, being caring and protective of one another.

If you can rationalize it if you want to and still enjoy it, but I definitely think they weren’t sure if Luke and Leia would end up as a couple until they got to writing Return of the Jedi. If Harrison decided not to come back for ESB or ROTJ, the option was open.