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The future of - UPDATE: Please donate!
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8-Feb-2019, 12:18 PM

Valheru_84 said:

I can understand you wanting to move on from something that has become a financial burden Jay, I didn’t realise it was costing you that much to keep this place running from month to month. Though it is a real shame you won’t be getting involved in discussions anymore, reading many of your posts while banned is part of what actually made me want to try and return to being an active member here and I was actually looking forward to being part of a number of topic discussions that you were actively involved in yourself. I had actually thought stepping out of the ownership role and just to tech support would take a lot of weight off of your shoulders in being able to post and remain active in the community. I don’t know the reasons as to why this is not the case but I am disappointed that we’ll no longer have your voice around here.

The money never bothered me. I was happy to do it.

My decision to hand over the day-to-day responsibilities to the mods was driven primarily by my diminished interest in the franchise. I didn’t bother with TLJ, RO, or Solo until they hit digital/Netflix, and this place deserves more enthusiastic management than that. Luckily for everyone, the mods stepped up and so did the membership, which is pretty cool.

As for participating as a member, I’ve said everything I have to say about the state of the franchise and the fandom; I don’t see the point in continuing those discussions. I’ll still lurk because I’m interested in the various film-based preservation projects, so maybe I’ll add an occasional thumbs up for the hard-working preservationists 👍