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Despecialized edition blu ray PlayStation 3 playback problems.
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7-Feb-2019, 7:43 AM

Hi and welcome BlueManta44,

You purchased the Depsecialized Editions? - I hope you didn’t pay more than for the cost of blank discs and p&p…

Though if you did… this video from Harmy himself may be worth a watch - (and reading the About and Help sections linked at the top of the site may help you get a feel for the place) 😃

Re your issues with the PS3 not playing the Despecialized discs - have you tried playing the discs in another PS3 (friend, family, neighbour’s etc) to see if they play in there? Does your Despecialized discs work in other bly ray players?

It does sound like there may be an issue with the discs themselves.