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Scott Pilgrim vs. the Editor
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6-Feb-2019, 6:35 AM

Sorry for not posting any updates along the way with this! It’s 99% done. Most of the edits mentioned above have now been done, and the colour grading and matching is complete. Only the Lee’s Palace scene is still unfinished, and I think I’ll probably just have to restore something approaching the theatrical version; there just isn’t enough footage available anywhere I could find to include the whole song.

I still like the idea of the “serial killer” post-credits ending, but I’ve lost contact with the guy I had in mind for it. If anyone’s interested and can do a Canadian newsreader impression, I have a script ready to go, but I’m not going to hold up the edit any longer for the sake of a stinger gag. The “Summertime” music video will take its place.

I’ll be tinkering with Lee’s Palace over the next week or so, and after that it’ll just be a matter of putting together the titles and a Blu-Ray ISO.