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ray_afraid said:

Valheru_84 said:

ray_afraid said:

Valheru_84 said:

MalàStrana said:

Who says Han wanted to be reassuring ? 😄

Definitely one way it could be taken, especially since the betrayal would still be pretty real and fresh in Han’s mind after being frozen in carbonite till not long before. The fact Lando is obviously there helping with the rescue effort wouldn’t undo the emotional affects of the betrayal.

Ugh, here we go with this again…

WTF are you on about man? I think I know what you’re referring to but it’s got nothing to do with my above comment or this thread.

I find Lando’s “betrayal” to be a misreading of events and it’s a pet peeve of mine.
You brought it up and I made a joke.

Ah k, that makes a bit more sense. I thought you were alluding to events in the random Star Wars pics and gifs thread.

I’m not sure how it is a misreading though of the matter? From the character’s perspective and the audience’s upon first viewing (who know no better at the time), Lando has betrayed them to the Empire. Vader may have arrived before the gang and tied Lando’s hands so to speak but there was nothing stopping Lando from telling Han on the landing pad to turn around and run or try to get some radio message out via his wrist communicator to Lobot as we see him do later on anyway. Sure his life may have been at risk in both situations but allowing the gang to be captured in order to save his own skin is selling out. You might say he has to be responsible for the residents of Cloud City but when he later decides the deal is no longer to his liking, he organised a resistance force and orders the evacuation of the city anyway. Seeing his old friend being tortured and the oppression of the Empire very much in his face probably helped him to change his mind but it doesn’t change the fact that he initially betrayed them.

In any event Han, Leia and Chewie certainly have the initial view point that he has betrayed them (and therefore the audience) with Han being tortured and Leia and Chewie still highly suspicious of Lando even right after he delivers them from the storm troopers taking them to Vader’s shuttle. It was just lucky that Lando was able to gasp out that there was still a chance to save Han that saved himself from death by Wookiee.