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Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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3-Feb-2019, 11:49 AM

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I don’t think Rey ever had time or a safe place to explore dating on Jakku, (there’s no evidence she ever even had a casual friend) so her discomfort with seeing Ben shirtless made sense to me. The movies would likely never broach the subject, but her fighting skills are as much about keeping lecherous scavengers at bay as it is daily survival on a hostile planet.

So do you guys think she ever had an…unfortunate encounter?

I prefer to think that doesn’t exist in Star Wars.

Concerning Rey in Episode 9. If I had creative input, here’s my pitch. TLJ clearly establishes a connection between Kylo and Rey. Episode 9 should use the time skip to its advantage and go full on Reylo. Rey thinks if she can get to him, he can still turn. Kylo thinks if he can get to her, she can still turn.

A Jedi and Sith relationship is a new angle to look at the force, but it goes beyond just that. Rey’s greatest weakness so far is her longing for family, and it makes sense for her to cling to someone. But Kylo Ren is a BAD person, and no matter what she thinks he isn’t going to turn it around.

This is a common trend in abusive relationships, which yes can be physical but are also emotional. Having Rey confront this weakness would be far better in my opinion than any super weapon the First Order throws.

By the end Rey has to give up Kylo and as such a chance at a family. But she can also learn to appreciate friendships like Finn (who will be with Rose). This is a lesson I think many can learn from, that relationships come and go but true friends can last forever, and to not continue to be ruled by darkness.

Granted I also want the theme of good and evil and the force explored, but I think this would be an interesting subplot to explore Rey’s part in the finale.

Ben Solo is a very conflicted person, and it’s incredibly sad to see what happened to him when he was younger. He even struggled to kill his father, and his mother. Even when he killed Han, he felt weakened by his act and almost regrets the decision he made. That’s one of the reasons why Snoke is furious with him at the beginning of The Last Jedi. I do believe that he will be redeemed and end up in a relationship with Rey in the end. Having Rey close the door on him is her way of telling him that he needs to discover where he truly belongs. He wants Rey to join him because he cannot trust his family, the Resistance, or the First Order anymore, but he also care tremendously about her. But since Rey has also become a voice for him, it will help him understand himself and why the decisions he’s made have led to this. That’s why he also looks down in defeat and upset when Rey leaves him at the end of The Last Jedi. It’s the beginning for him to understand himself, something that will carry over to Episode IX

I agree redemption is certainly likely for him, but in my opinion it would be a cop out. Darth Vader shows far less emotion than Ben, and he was redeemed. The saga has established at this point anyone can be redeemed.

So if Space Hitler can be redeemed, is it any surprise Space Nixon can be redeemed? It would be a retred of the OT’s themes. This is why I think Ben shouldn’t be turned.

It wouldn’t be a cop out, and not to mention, the themes of the original trilogy will always be present in the saga. It was present in the prequels, it is in the sequels, and it will continue to be thriving within the saga. They are what make Star Wars, Star Wars. Star Wars has not been intended to present messages of revenge, hatred, lust and murder, it has always been about forgiveness and how good people can follow down a dark path, and about their internal conflict between good and evil.

"Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate …leads to suffering.

  • Yoda, The Phantom Menace