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Ranking the Star Wars films
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3-Feb-2019, 6:40 AM

If you didn’t like TFA that much as a carbon copy of ANH then I don’t understand how you can put TLJ at the top. It’s not a carbon copy in the sense of TFA but it reuses and repurposed so much from TESB and ROTJ in a mixed up fashion that IMO it is magnitudes worse than TFA.

I get the issues with TFA which I also took issue with but it wasn’t as big a deal for me as I overall enjoyed it as a love letter to the OT and trying to feel like the Star Wars that everyone loves while setting up new story and character arcs that started leading away from the rehashery and borrowing of ANH, that setup a lot of expectation and promise for TLJ which ended up taking a left turn at the intersection onto a road from another world instead of the expected right turn…