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Star Wars: The Coaxium Heist (COMPLETED)
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26-Jan-2019, 3:13 PM
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25-Jul-2019, 8:57 PM
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Been working on this over at and forgot to share over here.

This movie looked like Star Wars but never really felt like it to me. Some of that lost feeling is due to a single uninterrupted narrative and the complete absence of one of Star Wars’ most iconic tools, wipe transitions. This edit will attempt to bring some of that Star Wars feeling back in and remove moments that are overly silly or ridiculous.

Edit List:
00:00:00 - added FE title card, Custom Star Wars disclaimer, aurebesh DigModiFicaTion logo, Custom Walt Disney 20th Century Fox title card
00:00:57 - added custom crawl (expanded star field to allow for pan down)
00:02:25 - added Correlia and a space dock to pan down
00:02:32 - added Battlefront 2 space shot of Fondor
00:08:46 - removed close up of Han’s eye
00:10:59 - added deleted Corellia chase scene
00:16:56 - trimmed/rearranged scene to have Han tell the officer his full name
00:17:09 - replaced Han being blown through the air with a custom wipe transition to a space shot of Mimban with star destroyers approaching
00:17:15 - trimmed Mimban cloud scene to reuse later and cropped Han’s first shot on Mimban to remove the on screen text
00:17:27 - inserted a rearranged version of the deleted Mimban assualt scene to show off a bit more of the Mimban war and Beckett’s team though I removed any direct focus on the minigun character who dies as it creates a narrative that is never resolved. Lots of audio reworking in this edit
00:24:45 - cut stormtrooper chatter (removed Han’s subtitles when he’s talking to Chewbacca)
00:25:34 - cut Han’s faking being mauled by Chewbacca
00:27:44 - inserted Mimban sky shot that was cut earlier in the film
00:27:45 - removed Han/Chewbacca shower scene and added wipe transition to Vandor space sunrise scene. While I like this scene and tired to keep it, I needed to add a wipe here and it just wouldn’t work with the shower scene
00:33:14 - removed Han yelling he’s ok and Chewbacca growling back to him
00:54:52 - reversed and repurposed shot of Han to allow for a wipe transition to the exterior of Niima Outpost
00:55:07 - removed droid cage fight. Sure it’s world building, but it’s distracting and L3 verbalizes enough to give us the narrative
01:01:54 - trimmed L3 and yelling and removed cage fight scenes
01:03:06 - cut L3 saying she can’t work with people watching her. It’s just creepy odd and I wanted to eliminate all of the droid sexualization stuff from the film
01:03:06 - added green screen welding sparks to distract the eye from the fact that her saw isn’t spinning at all
01:05:39 - cut L3’s lines to Han. Now she simply says “Excuse me”. Added droid sfx and gear sfx to simulate her movements
01:10:09 - cut the equal rights scene between Lando and L3. I’m all for equity, but this just felt tacked on. Again, L3’s character still fights for these rights and talks about them, but she isn’t solely focused on them either. This scene just makes her into a walking poster for equal rights. She’s much more than that and removing this scene makes her character more dimensional by allowing us to see her for who she is rather than this one focus area, imo
01:10:31 - cut Q’ra and L3’s girl talk scene. There is no sexual tension between Lando and L3 in this edit
01:16:17 - removed droid saying “freedom”
01:18:03 - cut short shot of Q’ra and Beckett after Han tells them he’s at the vault
01:18:14 - cut Q’ra and Beckett’s response to Han’s taking out the guard
01:19:30 - cut L3 turning around and yelling about the droid rebellion
0:1:24:24 - removed Lando hugging L3 and caressing her after her power goes out. He still yells, but it’s more like how Luke reacts to R2 than what they imply in this film
01:27:12 - removed Beckett’ and Han’s back and forth about if the Tie fighters are still on them
01:28:24 - cut down some of the scene when Q’ra first goes back to help Lando and sees the fire
01:28:35 - cut Beckett complaining about hurting his fingers
01:31:53 - cut Lando asking if Han knew it was the escape pod why would he do that
01:33:58 - cut the back and forth after Han yells “Now!”
01:34:06 - removed the Falcon loosing power gag
01:34:54 - removed Han’s lines over the radio after he says they have coaxium that they need to off load immediately
01:38:59 - stabilized scenes and layer masked the falcon departure in order to remove the falcon leaving gag
01:39:20 - removed Han’s macho moment with Enfys nest and the falcon leaving gag. Repurposed a zoomed wide shot of Enfys and the marauders while Beckett continues his speech before cutting back to him talking visually
01:56:18 - removed Darth Maul cameo. I don’t like it. If they make a second Solo film I’ll put it back or create a flashback for the edit I’d undoubtedly make of the new film,. Here it’s just fan service without any meaning. Now if anyone can do a good cosplay of Xizor I’ll put him in there… Removing him makes Beckett’s character more credible,and Q’ra’s character more devious.
02:00:46 - added wipe transition to Numidian Prime
02:00:53 - cut zooming in camera on Lando and some of his lines
02:03:27 - cut the dice scene and added iris out, moved audio mix up to create natural flow to credits
02:03:53 - made custom edited by and fanedited by credit to replace the preexisting one
02:12:05 - added aurebesh DigModiFicaTion logo
02:12::15 - added title card

other edits
-extensive color correction of nearly every individual scene
-audio crossfades for each edit to ensure seamless audio transitions
-addition of sfx or rebuilding of surround track when needed to achieve edit
-as with all my edits, I reduce the level of profanity

Teaser Trailer:

1080p 5.1 MP4