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Terminator 2 JP SqueezeLD Laserdisc Rip - Different (possibly original?) Color Timing (Released)
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24-Jan-2019, 8:33 AM

kchrules said:

MrBrown said:

IIRC, somewhere was said that they made an error on the first squeeze LD release: they forgot to grade the colors. I think somewhere was stated that James Cameron was not amused.

Its not the intended way to watch T2 sure, and I don’t have a problem with the original movie (one of my favorites ever), but in my opinion it’s nice to see a more varried color pallete throughout

That’s for sure.
I also would love to get the link. I have the LD myself, and got it ripped, but each side one file, and having one file version would be nice.
Which audio track did you rip? The digital track is said to be really powerful on that disc.